Woods Terra Nova 8 person Tent Review – from Canadian Tire

This is a quick ‘unbagging’ and look at the Woods branded Terra Nova 8 person tent. Some good things and some bad things about it.

It doesn’t come with a thick tarp like floor -which means you need a secondary floor tarp for this, and its construction is indeed a bit more labour intensive, i.e. to put it up. Also, if you’re putting it up in the rain, the whole thing is mesh so it will be soaked inside before you get the fly on!

Watch the video for some of the things we found.

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6 thoughts on “Woods Terra Nova 8 person Tent Review – from Canadian Tire

  1. thanks for the comment! We’ve still only used it like once 😛 We hope to get back out there again this summer, the weekend we did use it, it worked well – though it didn’t rain at all so of course, hard to tell

  2. Perhaps before you go out with it next, you could hose it down very well (it’d make for a great follow-up video), possibly mimicking a small stream coming towards the side of the tent as that seems to happen often on campsites – to see how waterproof it really is!

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