A NEW iMac to me – A look at a mid 2010 Apple iMac

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I love my early 2008 macbook pro, but it was actually showing its age as I move along with my channel and push my systems harder rendering videos, and recording content. It was bad enough that my system was requiring a reboot in the morning otherwise it would lock up while recording – lack of RAM was partially to blame. With the switch to a 2 year newer iMac, I get extended life, and the ability to get 16 GIGs of RAM vs a max of 6 gigs on the 2008 macbook pro so I have some significant upgrade opportunities for the coming months and this new iMac should last me several years – for the record, its working fine now with only 4 gigs of ram – so imagine the performance with 16! RAM is one of the easy ways to improve performance on a system and I have some real space in that area.

I reused my 256gig SSD inside it with some modification of the drive mounts, and it works well all things considered. A very good upgrade!

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