Camtasia 2 for Mac – Short Review, Compared to iMovie

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I downloaded Camtasia, I wanted to see what its green screen capabilities were. I’m really looking for software that does fake green screen, i.e., have it capture an image of whatever is behind me, blank that out and then let me come back into the frame as if i had a green screen. It doesn’t work the best but I find its an easy affect. Sadly, Camtasia only does the colour replace – basically the same as iMovie. For me in this case there is no advantage to it. It does look a bit more robust in terms of options than iMovie but the few features I like / need aren’t there. Is it worth the $100? For me, no. iMovie still does 99% of what I need.

Not to mention the fake that it appears you have to export a movie before moving onto the next movie! In iMovie, I can put a movie together, export it, and while its exporting, I can put together and work on the next video! Maybe I missed something but that is a large short coming.

This isn’t a super long in-depth review, just some observations from someone who has used iMovie to make hundreds of videos and is looking to get into green screen stuff.

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