Baking Bread – Bread Machine Dilemma – what to do with a leaking bread pan

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What do you do if your bread pan starts leaking? Mine did, after a years worth of use and baking bread nearly every other day – and hundreds of loaves. The seals wear out. The options are to replace the seals, to buy a whole new bread pan or to buy a whole new bread machine.

Here is where it gets tricky. Here is what it costs to purchase each:

1) seals go for $15 a piece on eBay, 2 are 30, and then another 20 for shipping. You’re looking at $50 to replace seals which you’ll need to do every year
2) you could replace the bread pan, these aren’t cheap and start at probably $50 plus shipping and the seals then last a year
3) purchase a whole new bread machine. On sale you can get the cheap bread machines from Canadian Tire for $50

So you can see, its a tricky question, sometimes its actually cheapest to purchase a whole new bread machine. That speaks to our throw away economy, products aren’t really made to be fixed or last, they are just meant to be thrown away and for us to purchase the latest and greatest.

I talk about some of the frustrations in this video and some o our options here for homestead bread making

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