Marita 7.2 Volt Cordless Drill Review – Use, Age, Batteries

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I take a look at my classic 7.2 volt Makita project drill. I’ve had this drill for years upon years. Its the first cordless drill I believe I ever owned, pretty much when they first came out (you can’t get much smaller than a 7.2 volt drill if you can at all).

This thing is a mighty little drill. It does lack a torque clutch but it has forward reverse, a keyless chuck, and a powerful enough motor to drive in most hobby / project screws you’d be using. I used this to finish a deck even! With a fresh battery, this little guy goes for a long time.

It uses a nicad battery – which is just as old as the drill and its lost capacity over the years but still works.

I am selling this but i love it. Its just a little under powered for some of the larger household projects that I need it for.

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