Garmin Dive Case Review – Comparison video with and without dive case

I do a direct comparison here of the dive case on the Garmin Virb and the virb without the dive case.

The difference is remarkable, the sharpness jumps right off the scale as soon as you put the dive case housing on. The virb is good down to a metre underwater but that doesn’t mean the quality of the image is any good.

The virb can’t seem to focus well without a case and upgrading to the dive case makes all the difference. The underwater videos are incredible, sharp, colourful and make even what seems to be a boring riverbed interesting. Again, the colour saturation on the Virb is great, I love the more saturated colours.

The dive case is an absolute must if you want to take vids underwater.

It costs about $50 canadian.

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Videos recorded with a Garmin Virb.
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