How To: Baking the Book – How to cook a Macbook Pro


My ‘new to me’ Apple Macbook Pros (early 2008 models) came in ‘not working’ condition from eBay – Yes I purchased them in that condition.

I made a gamble that the issue was common and fixable with a relatively easy fix – and that is, to pull out the logic boards and bake them in the oven.

So, like all the videos on youtube about it, I tried it.

1) pull out logic board
2) remove all plastic and stickers from it
3) preheat oven to 375F
4) put logic board on tray suspended by balls of tin foil for even heat distribution
5) set the timer for 7.5 minutes
6) put the logic board in the oven
7) Pull the logic board out and let it cool
8) put macbook pro back together and see if it works again

The first board I did fixed it in one go, the second board required TWO bakes to get it to work. The first bake caused it to load and post but the screen didn’t work on it still. The second bake got the screen working.

I now have two nearly identical macbook pros working for a week now with no troubles so far. Watch future videos for some updates on them and how they are doing!


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