Hog and Chicken Fodder – Sprouting Grains The Natural Way!

This is my simple idea for sprouting grains. And mainly for the pigs, but for free ranging chickens as well. I was noticing as the chicken tractor was pulled over an area, the chickens would make a mess of some of the grains, and they would start sprouting.

I figured, why not just disperse the seeds myself in the muddy areas and sprout some grains for the hogs to dig up. After last year they really cleaned the soil of any seed so it was just dirt left over. Next year early I plan to seed the whole area so that by the time the pigs are there, its not just dirt but well sprouted oats or wheat.

So this replenishes the ground cover making it look nicer, and provides new fresh feed and interesting terrain for the hogs as they move spot to spot.

Anything that you can plant that the animals like and can self harvest the lower your own feed costs and the more healthy and happy the livestock are.

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