Lets go see the pigs shall we? A walk around the farm

Our piggies are doing well, they are of a good size! This year again I’m using the hog panel, exact same setup as last year since last year we had no issues.

The hog panels were $60 each and are connected with metal carabiners. The hogs push on the fence and can move it a bit but its anchored to the hog house which is a couple hundred pounds so they can’t move the whole thing. Pigs are easier than chickens in a lot of ways, water food is all you need. No opening coops and closing coops for pigs, they come and go inside their pen as they wish.

The meat is the best tasting meat I’ve ever had and I know every single thing the pigs have eaten and how they’ve been treated / raised.

its an easy addition to the homestead!

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