Bolens 1050 – Carb troubles and a bit of a spring tuneup

Today I give my 1978 Bolens 1050 some love. The carb is in desperate need of a good clean but for now, I’m going to try some fuel additives. I had trouble with blow by and also recently hiccups and misfires. So with the fuel additive to clean the carbs a bit and some Bardahl thick oil additive to assist with blow by, I breath a bit of fresh life into the old 10 horse power engine. I plan later this year to completely rebuild the carburetor, but for now, hopefully these magic potions get my old tractor rolling a bit more smoothly until I can find the money to give it a proper cleaning and rebuild.

Rebuilds aren’t cheap and require usually all new gaskets, bearings, etc depending on what you’re rebuilding of course. The carb rebuild is $36 US dollars from so not to bad for that. The engine is a lot more though and thats only IF I can find a piston and rings for it which it badly needs..

This bit of maintenance will keep it going for another month anyways!

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