Bonus Macbook Pro Video – quick comments on multitasking now

This is a bit of a bonus video / quick comment on multitasking VS my old 2006 white macbook. Quality is bad, I know, bad production values. Just wanted to show and comment on how with my 2006 macbook, i couldn’t easily do two tasks. When it was processing a video, I really just left it alone, I could check some email, or browse a website but I couldn’t work on more videos, couldn’t watch youtube videos as they would get blocky and unsync’d. I couldn’t record video with screencast-o-matic while iMovie rendered vids. That all was just impossible. Now I can actually do multiple REAL tasks.

Not the least of which is to start working on a second or third video in iMovie while iMovie is also processing another video or multiple other videos in queue. The new macbook pro is brilliant when it comes to performance.

Its no match for modern 2015 macbook pros for sure but lightyears ahead of my 2006 macbook and i still have upgrade options with it.

So great upgrade, i’ll do more review videos coming up on iMovie.

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