Macbook Pro Update – Installing Yosemite, how are they working?

The macbook pros purchased off eBay in ‘not working’ condition are both getting upgraded to Yosemite today. Both work well, one even with the original Apple harddrive in it!

They run a tiny bit hot, not too bad but I’m going to keep an eye on it closely as that was the original cause of the logic board failures. If these units over heat again, they may not be coming back after another bake so for a couple reasons, its better to just keep them cool and keep the fans clean.

I installed some software to monitor them – which I may do a review on later but its handy to ensure they don’t overheat.

The MacBooks are a bit banged up but overall very usable. It was a gamble purchasing them off eBay but it paid off as it did work to put them in the oven like so many others who fixed their 2008 macbook pros in the same fashion.

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