Meat King birds are here! A look at our 120 chicks being raised for meat

We received our 120 meat birds this year, same number as we did last year. I cooperate with a friend raising them. We lost 3 already due to heat as one of the days got real hot. We lose a few each year to various things.

The shed itself can’t really house more than 120 because the birds really don’t roost which would make use of more vertical space, they really just stay in one big layer of birds as they get larger.

We continuously check water and food levels as well as temperature throughout the day since the chicks are most vulnerable at this stage.

THey will take about 12 weeks to grow / mature and I’ll get you video updates through the process for the 2015 season.

Also some quick updates here and video of the two chantecler chicks I have as well as the roosters that are still in the shed.

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Videos recorded with a Garmin Virb.
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