I got a Macbook PRO!!! ebay purchase of an early 2008 Macbook Pro

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So i purchase actually 2 broken macbook pros off ebay. My 2006 white macbook is getting long in the tooth.

My current macbook specs are:
-2 gig duo core processor
– 3 gigs usable RAM
– 64MB video card RAM

The NEW (to me) macbook pro that I”m going to keep is:
– 2.6Ghz core 2 duo processor
– up to 6 gig usable RAM
– 512MB video card RAM

you can see that these specs basically blow my old 2006 white macbook out of the water, this thing should triple my video processing speed anyways. The video processing speed ALONE should massively increase and i”m super excited to get into the macbook pro club (if there is such a club)

Even though its only 2 years newer than mine, it should be light years ahead of my current macbook.

Excited to get it! I’ll do a full unboxing and review of it and my ‘parts’ macbook pro when I get it.

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