Bible Prophecy – the christian will face increasing persecution – ISIS Nukes

THe article here is about ISIS bringing nukes into the US. the bigger story for me Is that as threats increase on western nations, and populations mix, we will see more and more push back and persecution against Christians. the ‘tolerant’ society who is tolerant with sexual orientation, and other religions is the one that tends to be intolerant of the Christian faith due to its hardlines on particular subjects.

its biblical that we see increasing persecution and every Christian should be ready for it an unsurprised should they see it. I would go as far as to say that if you don’t see persecution, maybe people don’t know you are a Christian… that would be bad, and if they can’t tell you are a Christian, maybe God won’t be able to tell either and would say ‘I never knew you’. Be careful Christian and know that in these last days before Christs return, we will see increasing persecution on the church.

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