Introducing the NEW Offgrid Solar Camper by boler – 120 watts of solar

This is my new solar powered off grid camper. THe components are basically the same as they were in the older Pyramid mobile homes camper but with a few upgrades and overall more useful. THe boler is prewired for 12 volt lights, whereas the older camper was really just wired for 110 volt. So its nice that this camper is ready to go for 12 volt though all the 12 volt lights are incandescent! I’ll have to replace those with LEDs.

I plan to install a little USB charging station right in the camper and have a 12 volt socket for the cooler and other things. The boler makes for a real nice fit to my 90 Ah battery and 120 watts worth of power which is more than enough for most everything you need, i.e. charging phones, tablets, or laptops. It will barely do the mobicool cooler that I have but its not perfect for that because the cooler is a power hot consuming 4 amps steadily 24/7 which means you really have to force a duty cycle on it – which often means leaving it unplugged during the night.

Overall, the off grid camper will see a lot of use I think and we intend to test it out very shortly. Stay tuned for a video montage of that to come!

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Videos recorded with a Garmin Virb.
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