A Nomadic Fanatic Experience – Goodbye to the Camper – not Tilly

I said goodbye to my camper, the new owner drove away with it being pulled by a black pickup truck.

It reminded me of the Nomadic Fanatic episode where Eric walked away solemn faced from his old camper. Check that video out here:

Nomadic Fanatics youtube site is here:

I was able to rescue that old 1959 Pyramid Mobile Homes camper from rotting away unregistered with noone to love it. I got it up and street legal, replaced all the signal and running lights, got the water pump going etc. Didn’t do too much to the interior but our family will have good memories with it. We camped in it a number of times and took it to fiddlefest. Good little camper, just a bit too heavy for us to tow with our vehicle so I was looking for something lighter.

Hope to have news of a new camper soon!

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