boler Campers and preserving wealth in a monetary crisis

Maybe part 1 of holding assets to preserve wealth. I start off talking about bolers, looking into one for potential purpose. I’ve always wanted a boler, they are cute and very light campers which sleep 4 and have the most basic things, fridge, stove, sink, this one HAD a furnace in it, and two bunks for kids mainly to sleep in.

Then I start getting into the value of an asset as a wealth preserving mechanism. Basically its an investment, and it ensures your cash is OUTside of the bank and converted into some tangible valuable item (an asset) and as long as that item doesn’t rot into the ground or something, it will always be worth something where was fiat money sitting in the bank really is just a bunch of IOU’s which could be digitally erased, confiscated easily etc.

Just my opinion on this subject so don’t take it as if I”m a professional adviser. Its really just a collection of thoughts about it.

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