Clearing Solar Panels In The Winter – Why you need to clear the snow and ice

I regularly have to clear my solar panels of snow. We’ve been getting snow every couple of days which means I have to clear off panels every couple of days.

Even with a fully charged battery, solar charge controllers and other connected devices may be slowly draining power so its key that you keep the panels free of ice and snow as much as possible so as to trickle charge the battery as needed. Even with a layer of snow though, panels will take in solar power as long as that solar power is enough to replenish the power lost to say a charge controller. Generally though, its best to keep them clear as much as possible. Even on the coldest days, panels with a big of ice on them will melt and clear themselves as long as you clear the bulk of the snow load off them

I have 3 different sets of panels to either clear or rearrange myself so its a common occurrence.

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