Martial Law in the US? Military Drills and Fema Camps in September – Bible Prophecy

The article speaks of a drill in the US called Jade Helms 15 which is a drill which covers 5 or 6 different states and drills martial law, detention of citizens and such. All of this JUST prior to what many are considering a prime time for a financial collapse to occur, i.e. end of September!

My thought is that if anyone was aware of something occurring or that could occur in September regarding catastrophe such as a economic collapse, it would be the government as they have many smart economic advisers as well that aren’t stupid and can see the conditions coming together. Could the drill be preparation for what they might see coming?

Or maybe just a drill in response to Russias drilling of their military…

Keep watch on the world news. This could mean nothing, or it could mean a lot more than we know.

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