How To: Making 2 loaves with 1 Breadmachine – without added time

In this video I show how I’m now making 2 loaves of bread with every one bread machine cycle.

What I do is mix up a 3lb batch and put the machine on dough cycle. Then remove it, split in two, let it rise while the oven warms – 20 minutes or so, then put each half into a bread pan. Cook it as you normally would cook a loaf in the oven, about 375 for 35 minutes plus or minus.

The advantages of this are:
– less frequent use of machine = less wear and tear on it
– means you can use your water leaking bread pan longer as otherwise overnight for example the water would leak out if you have an old pan with old seals
– ensures that the bread stays fresher longer as you only have to cut into one
– makes for us basically a loaf a day so i only run the machine every two days instead of daily.
– the bread slices are smaller which means they fit a bit better into the toaster

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