Altar Built For Third Temple! – Bible Prophecy Alert

News has just come out that the Temple Institute ( has recreated the altar required for animal sacrifices. This was the last item they needed to replicate in order to resume temple sacrifices.

They have the implements, the garments, even the Cohanim, the priestly order and line of men required to perform the duties in the temple, all they need now is permission to BUILD the third temple.

This is hugely prophetic, they are waiting on nothing else other than permission to resume the sacrifices and we know that the antichrist will indeed do just that, he will say that the jews can resume sacrifices at the beginning of the 7 years, and in the middle he will cause the sacrifices to cease.

this is big stuff, check Daniel 9:27 for example. Stay tuned to this, I expect we will see a sharing arrangement on the temple mount and permission to rebuild and worship there for the jews in return for a two state solution and ‘peace’.

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