Climate Change, Global Warming and the Water Cycle – Debunked?

I’m no scientist, take this for what its worth, study it yourself, don’t take someone else’s word for anything!

Its my opinion that climate change and global warming brought on by man is at least a misunderstanding and at most an outright lie by governments and mainstream media.

NASA and NOAA have been found to have been fudging the numbers already.

I suggest God created a planet that was self correcting, self balancing and autonomous for the most part. After all, isn’t that what the laws of nature and physics are for? God made boundaries for the earth to exist within and I believe that these are regular warming and cooling cycles of the earth.

Not to mention the fact that this 12 year cycle of the sun and solar max was one of the weakest solar max cycles ever and the long term 200 year solar cycle trend is actually for global cooling.

I think its a bit arrogant to suggest that man is so pervasive as to effect the entire earths existence. No doubt we are causing issues, we are polluting, destroying and everything else nature around us.

But are we doing more than what the planet is programmed to do in terms of warming and cooling limits? I suggest not.

Check it out for yourself though.

Oh, and I keep saying ‘hydrolic cycle’ and not ‘hydrologic’… sorry..

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