How To: Purchasing Tips for Weaner Pigs in the spring – Raising Pigs Series 1

Going to start a series on raising hogs. This initial episode I give some basic tips on purchasing weaners and what to expect.

I’m no expert but I’m hoping it will help the next person who is interested in raising pigs.

Pigs I find are easier than chickens to raise – as long as you have good fencing. I had no issues with my fencing which is purpose built hog panels which are stainless steel and made with small holes at the bottom so the little weaners can’t squeeze out.

Couple of things:
– the earlier you purchase the weaners, the cheaper they should be. Prime / high prices start at the beginning of spring because thats when all the people start purchasing them – which does make sense. You could save 15 or 20 bucks if you get them say early March.
– When you get them, they will have been weaned, and have been alive for 8 weeks approximately as that is the time it takes to wean them.
– They will weigh about 30 to 35 pounds generally when you get them and will be ready for hog starter mash – different than grower mash for the hogs.
– They will need to be on the starter for at least a month or until x number of pounds but read the instructions.
– If nights are cool, a heat lamp will ensure they aren’t losing weight, you always want them gaining weight so for the little weaners, make sure they aren’t spending too much energy trying to stay warm if night temperatures dip below zero certainly and its helpful even if temps dip below 10 degrees celsius

Stay tuned for more in the series and more tips and tricks I’ve learned raising them

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