Clips of the drifting and a walk to the chickens in it – Blizzard 2015

This is the big storm of february 2015, 80 centimetre snow fall recorded in Charlottetown PEI during this 48 hour blizzard. We were left with mountainous snow drifts, completely blocked in and house bound for more than 2 days straight.

The bolens 1050 was 95% buried, the car is encapsulated in snow right around. We will need to be blown out. The road at the time of recording here had a single lane plowed from the local farmers who were going back and forth with their loaders and blowers.

This probably will be the most snow I’ve seen here in a blizzard and longest time for the road not to be cleared – we live on a fairly important route for emergency vehicles and even they couldn’t get through.

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2 thoughts on “Clips of the drifting and a walk to the chickens in it – Blizzard 2015

  1. That was suspenseful — I was afraid the chickens would all be frozen solid when you got there! Is the shed heated? How are they doing in there?
    I gotta say though, I think I’d rather have your snow instead of our temperatures this past week … -40 every night, up to -25 during the day with the wind.

  2. chickens are mostly fine, now having issues with some mites I think due to the mess the chickens roost in that I can’t do much about when its below zero. -40 though is pretty cold. the shed isn’t heated, but usually 5 or so degrees warmer than outside. chickens are fine as long as they are out of the wind for the most part.

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