World Bible Prophecy Update – Mark of the Beast & Economic Collapse

What does the economic collapse have to do with bible prophecy?

How could it tie into the mark of the beast?

I go through some history of the fiat monetary system we now have, and how a collapse could usher in the mark of the beast and what sort of things might be needed in order for the whole world to actually decide to accept such a global mark.

I think an economic collapse could be the trigger for such a worldwide mark and the forced monetary system of the beast and I think it would fit right in if part of the catastrophe of the collapse is maybe the rapture of the church so that no dissenting voices of christians is heard who know their bible prophecy.

We may soon enough find out if this is it or not. Regardless of whether it happens this way or not, we are to be watching and expecting the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Do you know Him?

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