Just another blizzard On The Island – Number 1457

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Not sure which number this is really for blizzards, we’ve been getting 1 or 2 a week the last month. This is a particularly bad /good one. 30 to 40 cms of snow predicted and 100km/h winds which make for massive drifting. The drifting really is the worst part of the blizzard since it makes huge hills of snow and it also seems to pack the snow.

If it just fell, it would likely be a lot less dense, easier to clear but the drifting packs in layers of snow.

I’m completely out of room to push the snow with my Bolens 1050 and the plow. I do have a snow blower but I broke my jackshaft so I need another one. Wish I had that piece working but we only get really bad drifting and snow 2 or 3 times a year so its not the end of the world to call in the local farmer with his big John Deere and blower.

I will say this, it makes for lots of snow days and fun bunkering down sorts of days.

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