Homesteading – Wood Heated Domestic Hot Water Management

I describe here how i manage our domestic hot water. We have one hot water coil in our wood furnace – our Ardent wood furnace does support 2 coils, one on each side but we only got one.

1 coil seems to be a good enough for us, with 2 it does heat water faster but could lead to more boiling as well if we didn’t make use of that hot water fast enough which would lead to air locks and potentially dangerous pressure build up.

What we do is we just pay attention and manage when we will need and when we use hot water. we prioritize things like showers vs laundry and dishwasher usage to ensure that we get enough hot water for our own showers and then the laundry for example gets whatever is left if there isn’t a lot.

How would you manage it?

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