New Camera? Which one should I get of the Polaroid choices?

I’m looking at getting a new camera for my channel. What do you suggest?

I happen to be looking at 3 different Polaroid cameras:
– Polaroid iS085 dual screen water proof camera
– Polaroid Cube – a super simple HD cube camera
– Polaroid XS100 – an action sports HD camera.

The xs is what I’m leaning towards since you get the most features for the price and the box includes most of the mounts you’d ever need as opposed to a GoPro where you have to buy all the mounts.

What I like about these, the first and last anyways is that out of the box they are water proof – no need to purchase a water proof case for them.

Other features I like with the XS100 are:
– 1080P
– 720p at 60FPS
– Timelapse
– simple setup
– antishake
– mounts all come in the box so no need to buy a million accessories
– shockproof, freeze proof, durable

Other cameras offer combinations of these features but the biggest thing I like is the out of the box waterproof-ness of them.

What do you think, what would you get?

For me the go pro is far too expensive not to mention all the accessories you have to buy to get it to do the same stuff the xs100 does.


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