Bible Prophecy, Jewish Schmita Year – Is there a pattern to it which foretells future events?

The Schmita is an interesting cycle, since it seems to correlate to poor economic conditions, downturns even if the last 2 schmitas are looked at.

If pattern is prophecy, and the Jews believe / teach that it is, then we have a pattern here which seems to show something ominous for 2015.

If we look at the S&P index for the last two schmita years and this schmita year, it appears as though we should be able to expect a severe economic downturn.

Add to that all the other ‘secular’ indicators and what financial folk in the industry are saying and the state of interest rates and quantitative easing and the eurozone, we see a converging of events which all basically scream out ‘economic disaster’ for the world.

Will the Schmita year be big this year? Sept 25 2014 to sept 3rd 2015?

Could bible prophecy occur right before our eyes??
We can only wait and see.

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