Jack Van Impe Prophecy Bible – A brief look at it

Just doing a brief look at the Jack Van Impe Prophecy bible. Basically its a prophecy focused bible, with all prophetic scriptures highlighted and categorized according to the timeline of world history.

Jack has marked each as for example a Rapture text, or a text referring to the millennium or to the second coming etc so you can see and understand more of the context of what you’re reading.

It also has a good dictionary at the start of it defining prophetic terms like apocalypse, rapture, etc.

At the end it has a full review of the book of Revelation going chapter by chapter and explaining what you’re reading.

Great resource for those interested in bible prophecy and Jack Van Impe is a pretty grounded prophecy guy. Not all agree with all he has to say but overall, I think he is one of the good teachers of bible prophecy

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