Bolens 1050 – A look at my tractor

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Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.37.04 PMI’ve done blogs before about my tractor but I’ve not done a decent video of it. This one is short too but at least it shows the tractor with my partly homemade plow attachment which i use for pushing snow along with the snow chains on the tires ready for a snowstorm.

I do have a blower attachment for it as well but I broke my PTO so until I figure out something for that, this snow blade will need to do the work.

Our snow is very different from week to week. Some times its so slushy and heavy that my tractor has a hard time pushing it, sometimes after a blizzard the wind blown drifts are so packed and tall in places that my tractor can’t do much either without spinning. But if i ¬†catch the snow fall early enough, in either case it does a decent job. The blower works very well when its working too!

My intent with this tractor is to keep it for years and years and to gradually even restore it by fixing up things, such as the carburetor that needs some cleaning and possibly a rebuild. The engine too needs a rebuilt as its burning oil but that likely requires that I find some piston rings at minimum and ideally a new piston which may be hard to come by for this old machine.

For those of you who enjoy  seeing the old tractors, enjoy!

[youtube OYKvbd8m7LU]

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