Renewable Energy – Solar projects update

I have several updates on my solar projects I know. I find even watching other you tubers I rarely get sick of seeing what the latest setup is, how its working and all that.

This video shows bits of 3 of my off grid setups, each using quite different components, new, used etc.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 8.41.17 AMThe first is my off grid camper trailer. I have 6 watts of trickle charging panels on it just to keep it topped up during the winter since when i’m not using it, I really don’t need the large 120 watt panel out there and especially for winter and snow fall and all I don’t want that panel outside if I don’t need it to be. In a pinch / power outage I could haul it out but in most situations for the winter I’ll just leave the trickle chargers on it.

The next is my off grid shed lighting. I have a couple of my original LED sticker things hooked up to some otherwise useless batteries – which still hold some charge and i’m making use of my old / neglected solar components including my 7 amp solar charge controller, and one of my 5 ┬áthree watt solar panels which was an ebay find back in the day. Its ugly but it totally works! Free energy!

And the last part is of my chicken shed off grid project which has been amazing, no troubles at all since I put it together. I went back to a PWN charge controller because I put my MPPT in my camper as part of my main solar generation project. Next project down at the chicken shed is now to melt water with solar by way of a 120 watt immersion drink heater!

Stay tuned for that video and blog!

[youtube Hn052TqLPeI]

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