Philips LED Lightbulb review

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Here is my review of the Philips LED lightbulb. This is so far my favourite LED lightbulb and I’ve been waiting a while for a) decent ones to come out and b) cheap enough ones. They still aren’t super cheap but I think they indeed will last longer than incandescents – something that CFLs came nowhere close to even though they said they would last years and years…

This is a plastic, soft white (so some yellow tint which makes it look more similar to an incandescent), and only 10.5 watts! This one is equivalent to a 60 watt bulb. For general around the house lighting, I like the 7 watt version of the same bulb.

These also work amazing as offgrig / renewable energy lights – if you’re using AC anyways. Super low consumption, and they go down to -20 degrees celsius which is nice.


Got a 3 pack of these on sale for $20 down fro $30. So not the cheapest, certainly not to the same price as incandescents but better than a year ago where a decent LED would have cost $30 for a single bulb!

Also, this one turned out to be truly dimmable with a regular sliding dimmer – no special LED or CFL dimmer switch required.

[youtube jNTz8cC9pXg]

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