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I have the perfect wife, the all around best partner and best friend. And this is old fashioned and people would call it fully outdated to have a stay at home mom. It’s probably chauvinist to even suggest that this is something that is good and wise and works.

: an attitude that the members of your own sex are always better than those of the opposite sex

: the belief that your country, race, etc., is better than any other

I guess chauvinist isn’t being used properly if used to describe this anyways since it makes assumptions at the very least related to the situation and the people.

Regardless, I have the best wife. She takes care of our kids, cooks amazing meals, keeps the house AND finances in order. Being a stay at home mom I think is the best of many different options if one can do it to correctly train up kids in obedience, and knowledge and general demeanour. A dedicated loving family member available to the kids throughout the day goes I believe most of the way to ensuring successful, even keeled and christ loving adults do when they grow up.

I grew up and had the (nowadays) luxury of a mom that stayed at home who taught us, disciplined us, and generally was there so that we would grow up evenly as kids, in our minds and actions.

The family that has the stay at home mom is an example of the new and fully underrated and unrecognized affluence in this day and age of dual income families whose kids are not neglected necessarily but certainly don’t have as much time with the parents as they would like or that they should get in an old fashioned ideal situation.

I’m glad we have or are making it possible to do the single income thing and I’m definitely willing to make even more sacrifices to ensure it remains a possibility. I think it’s the ultimate hard work and wisdom to make the hard decisions to do this and I’m glad I have a wife who is willing and able to do this. I also believe it’s Gods intended order, He made man with certain attributes and women with other attributes. The women he made more caring and nurturing I believe for this exact purpose. Again you can call me old fashioned all you want but that’s how God made us and I believe that’s the best way .

I’m proud to be married to Lindsey who is smart, wise, frugal and creative and who has the natural ability to care for.

I’m married to the perfect wife!



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  1. You are absolutely right, God has really blessed you with Lindsey. I’m still not sure how you got her to marry you ;-). But I know Mom was so proud to see you marry such a wonderful woman. I’m so glad you chose her to be the mother of my neice and nephew :-).

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