Diode – Using one in real life and what it does

This is a quick video of me hacking my Xantrex PowerPackSolar box to charge the battery more directly. I got a large bag of diodes off ebay for… i forget, couple of bucks. They are 10 amp diodes (so able to take up to 10 amps of current) which is a good size for most home sorts of projects. My issue was that the solar panel didn’t have a blocking diode in it so when hooked up to the battery, at night with no sun on the panel, the battery would push power through the solar panel to a little LED (light emitting diode) on it and therefore it would be draining the battery at night – not what you want..

So on the positive side of the wire coming from the panel i wired in a diode so electricity can go into the battery but power cannot come out of the battery back to the panel. Great quick little fix to prevent power loss or a drag on the battery when clouds are out or at night!

I figured with this video I’d show a quick real life example of using a diode to solve a problem. And this is probably one of the scenarios thats easiest to understand in terms of using the diode and the real life issue is resolving.

[youtube lABCMamoSfQ]

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