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What is this exactly? I look at this and wonder to myself, is this government propaganda, or banker propaganda? this is on the front page of the CNN money site. stocks are up and down right now, the US FED is worried about the economy, is this their way of trying to calm the public fears? if this is independent media, why do they care if the public is getting nervous about the volatility?

Just seems odd to me that on their front page – which I’m sure gets a ton of hits – they post and leave posted this sort of thing as if to influence the traders or the public hoping to avert a run on the banks or decreased faith in the economy.

To me, i’m thinking this is what a communist government would do to control the public, to keep them from thinking on their own. The truth is that with a true capitalistic market, it needs to be able to actually crash once and a while, volatility and crashing is GOOD for markets if the market is allowed to do it as it keeps everyone honest. Its true now though that because they have suppressed a crash and artificially propped up the economy for so long that they have made worse the crash when it eventually happens. Still, why is apparently bipartisan (in the broader sense) media trying to influence the public?

Very weird and disconcerting. I hope you all think on your own, use your own brains to know whats happening in society and in the markets and do what you need to do to protect your own wealth and to provide for your own family should things not turn out the way the world governments want.


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