How the Economy works – Trillions of Dollars

This is one of the best detailed videos of the economy, what it is, how it works, fiat money, where wealth comes from and details on where the world is going.

I encourage you all to watch the first hour at least and you will understand where our economy is (world economy) and where its going, and the most important part to open your eyes, WHY its going the way it is.

This is prophetically significant because a large financial collapse could catapult us into the end times or kick it off at least and it would be a catalyst for the mark of the beast.

Good learning even if you don’t care about bible prophecy and it will give you a perspective on how you can protect your family and what things you can do.


WARNING: The first hour is really good learning, she gets a little angry near the end of the 2.5 hours and there are some swears in there. As well, the last 1.5 hours is more specific to the US and politicians.

[youtube 7bA_NbYSaGM]

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