Sunflowers and Chanteclers

Here is a video update of the young chanteclers, slowing growing and hopefully all out in the chicken shed by november! And showing my sunflowers i grew this year – first year doing it and they are great. Lots of seeds from them which I”ll use for next year.

The first batch of Chanteclers are a little over a month old and in the chicken shed, the newest batch of 9 are 2 weeks old and growing in our basement for now until they get their full coat of feathers in.

I have a 3rd round of 7 chanteclers in the Brinsea incubator which I have high hopes for. if I get say‚Ķ 6 out of that, we’ll have near 20 chanteclers, half of which should be hens. So by spring, we *should* have 10 chanteclers laying eggs and that will be a great start to our cler flock. And this time, they won’t be getting outside of their coop as the others did who then got eaten by a fox…

[youtube ffKha7B9Q-0]


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