Apples Apples Everywhere

TheScreen Shot 2014-08-30 at 8.35.12 PM kids and I (sans Lindsey) went for an after supper joy ride to find some apple trees. And BOY did we find some! Atleast 11 trees, crab apple trees, and some other more edible kinds.

To the left is the Garmin Roadtrip map, all the airplanes (no, i never did switch the icon when I marked them or after uploading) are apple trees.

Jack, Arden and I would crawl along in the car until we saw one, as soon as we did we all hopped out of the car, buckets and bags in hand and mostly got ground apples. There were SO many of them. Great pig food. And free pig food if you don’t consider the gas or effort 😉

For us it was just fun to get out there and grab them. The pigs love them – should got some video of that.

To remember where they all are, I dusted off our ‘old’ Garmin eTrex GPS – one of our older geocaching GPSs. Lately I’ve been using my iPad to find geocaches but going old school with a real handheld GPS is fun too

Arden and Jack, bags of apples in front of one of the nicer apple trees, this one not a crab apple tree on a back road in PEI


[youtube xkwyYckIlYw]


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