New Chantecler Chicks

I’ve finally got more Chantecler chicks on the go! ¬†hopefully this batch will survive and i’ll make sure they do! I have 4 on the go. the video is of the first 2 that I hatched and a local friend who is supplying me with Cler eggs gave me another two chicks he hatched

[youtube -3jtiELAnEo]

By spring these ones should be starting to lay although heritage birds do apparently take longer than some of the more commercial breeds.wpid-Photo-Mar-5-2014-745-PM.jpg

I have another 7 Cler eggs in the incubator and I’ll ideally be doing that all through the winter to really increase the number of birds I have.

I’ll get some more video up of the 4 but for now, i just have the vid of the two.

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