This Old House And A Milestone

First the milestone.I’ve surpassed the 1000 mark for blogs posted! Whaaaaat?? Are you Serious???? (take off of Paul Begley…)


So thats cool. YOU’VE read them all of course right?! If I was writing a book, that would be a decent book eh? I should get it printed as a bit of a memoir.

OurHouseWheatleyRiver2012As I was pondering how to survive a financial collapse and generally musing about all my house projects and such, I thought, hmm, this is house now 101 years old (100 last year of course). Built in 1913 (i believe) this old house was around for:

  • 2 world wars
  • the 1929 depression
  • the prophetic rebirth of the nation of Israel
  • the moon landing
  • the cold war
  • the introduction of TV (and not even colour..)
  • the transition from horse and buggy to motorcar (not quite to hover boards yet)
  • 101 winters – good and bad
  • 101 summers
  • who knows how many hurricanes, tropical storms and Nor’easters.
  • and countless other things that mark various points in our civilization in North America and the world

I wondered – and do wonder how the house made it through the depression. Did anyone starve under its roof? Did community gather in its halls and kitchen and sitting room and such meet? This is one of those ‘wish I could be a fly on the wall’ moments as the years flipped by. births, deaths, weddings – not in that order necessarily. We are living in history, we are creating history and we will be – should the Lord tarry – in the thoughts of the next owner and owners of this house who wonder the same thing.

Happy year late birthday to our old house, still standing strong.

It shutters in the wind, is breezy during summer nights, stays cool under the hot sun, shelters us during the winter storms and provides a safe place to bring up a family. We are blessed to live in such luxury especially as we see the news these days and the hardships others go through.  I don’t know really why we are here and they are there, I just know we need to be good stewards, be thankful, and honour God with what He has apportioned us.


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