Pyramid: The true make and model of our camper

Our camper is a Pyramid Mobile Homes Ltd camper from 1959.  I’ve confirmed that this Pyramid company did create mobile homes so I’m guessing this is the true make and year of our camper – not a Shasta like we thought originally and which happens to be on our ownership… I still can’t locate other pictures of them, the company is long gone and bankrupt I guess…  would love to hear from others who may have a similar model!

Hey, if you want to send in images of your Pyramid trailers, send to and I’ll post them here. Thanks for all your interest folks.

Here are some more images of mine.



UPDATE: April 2022 – Some images of a another Pyramid sent to me:

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25 thoughts on “Pyramid: The true make and model of our camper

  1. We also have a very similar trailer….Pyramid Mobile Homes 1959. We have had it for 10 years (Bought it off Craigslist for $400). It was from a Canadian family who used it in a vacation property in Washington. I have 2 kids ( 10 and 8 ) and we use it every summer. Interior is similar although I have added laminate flooring and removed the propane system and battery. The exterior is very close, except our loft window is on the drivers side as opposed to the passenger side. Looks great! We live in Port Moody B.C. nice to finally see another one of these fun trailers still bouncing around.


  2. Hi Micah, we too have the same camper though I think ours might be a year or two older. I’m pretty sure that the company is actually called Pyramid Mobile Homes 1959 LTD. The 1959 is part of the company name but they were around until 1974 which is when they went bankrupt. Our camper looks identical to yours with a few minor differences. For example, our couch doesn’t wrap around on the sides, it just slides out into a bed and has lips to hold the board along the sides. The front windows of ours are 3 across with only the middle one having the 4 paned overlapping glass that opens up whereas yours is two across with the 5 panes that open. Ours doesn’t have any external outlets and only has a single spot on the side to plug into electrical. Aside from that, everything electrical is the same as well as the propane light too. All appliances etc are in the same spot including the stove which is still functional, the floors and counters are the same colours and design. The upholstery is bright orange in ours with patterns of yellow and brown. The table, storage, drawers, closet, etc are all the same (again except the sides where the couch is). The windows along the back and sides are also all the same. Ours is painted white and green on the outside and it is also flat along the wheel wells. We recently had an axle seize so we paid $1000 to have a machine ship build a new one. The old one was rated for 3500 lbs, the new one is rated for 4500 lbs and is much beefier, it has also caused the trailer to be elevated too. Ours doesn’t have wood panels, it seems to be single sheets of mahogany (similar shade). I was told that ours was built in 1968. You said on a previous post that yours was documented as a 1969 which would make sense due to the upgrades yours has over ours.

    It was cool seeing your video as it was very much like watching someone filming ours. Let me know if you are interested in seeing pictures of ours and I can send some via email.


  3. Just to add to my last post, I think there was a company with a similar name (Pyramid Mobile Homes) in the US that went bankrupt in the 70s (that’s the one I was thinking of in my last post), however, the company that made the trailer was Canadian. Here’s a link about the bankruptcy details about the US based company.

    There is information about the Canadian company called Pyramid Mobile Homes 1959 LTD on a Canadian Govt. website in regards to trade-mark data. It seems as though they trade-marked the word Shamrock in 1966 and it expired in 1998.

    Further research shows that they trade-marked other names as well between 1966 through 1973. My guess is that the trademarked names were to be used for the different trailer models that they built. The names Shamrock and Lil Jet were trademarked in 1966 while the names Olympic and Villager were trademarked in 1971. I’d wager that our trailer models were called either Shamrock or Lil Jet if they were built in 68/69.

    I was able to find the serial number for mine which is 1907 so my guess is that there wasn’t many of these trailers made. It’s possible that this company went bankrupt too as well though I have no information about that.


  4. thanks for the comment! i actually never did find the serial number. I did learn later it was a pyramid mobile homes unit. there is a placard on the side of it but I didn’t at the time believe its as the manufacturers plate. turns out it was.

  5. Cool detail. would be interested in pics if you have them for sure! We of course have since sold ours, it was too heavy for our vehicle. I would have enjoyed restoring it but ya, too heavy and inconvenient for us with our little car that pulls only 1000 pounds. what is the weight of yours do you know? Mine had a bit of mould and water damage unfortunately, not caused by me but by the previous owners who didn’t take care of it. plus the interior was redone on it at some point. I just replace it with a 1977 boler – pretty much all original which is way lighter and works better for us 🙂

  6. We have a 1962 14′ Shamrock. We have restored the interior. Out side still requires some more attention. Would like to post some pictures.

  7. I have a Pyramid trailer also..I’m on facebook they are very rare mine is number 1959 it’s on the plaque. I think mine is from 1965 but not sure, she is a bit of a mystery but I love that about her…
    Same as your but not a wrap around gaucho single pull out . She was a gift from a friend and I have had so much fun working on her …she is truly loved
    My friend through facebook also has one, hers has the top cap even older but totally original, all the birch wood, is still there.
    So find me on facebook or tin can tourist fb page we are all there to help.
    Tamre Winger owner of “Helene Wheels” 1965 Pyramid Tin Can Trailer..

  8. We just bought a 23 foot Pyramid we were told the year was 1986 if they went bankrupt in 1974 how can this be. The model number is 23TT the serial number is 23-TT6750. Can anyone help me with the year off this trailer.
    Please and Thank you

  9. I too have a Shamrock by Pyramid Mobile Homes 1959 Ltd.
    The body measures 14 ft 5 inches . The original owner says it is a 1964. I have yet to find any info or photos of others out there. It is all birch inside with the stove and fridge in tourquoise. I have replaced the entire pole, jack and rear bumper so far. Slight water damage in front corner. Not sure of real color as there is red, blue and green on it. Looking forward to carrying on with the restoration. I will haul it with my one owner family 83 GMC.
    Thanks for listening

  10. Oh, I’m happy I finally found other people who have a Pyramid trailer 🙂 We just bought ours last week in Quebec, it’s 13 ft long and is supposed to be a year 1965 according to papers. I haven’t found the serial number, is that supposed to be outside or inside? So far my internet searches on that company haven’t produced very exciting results. There is quite a bit of water damage and previous owner tore almost everything apart but left the table and benches. So we are now working on the leakage issue and replacing the damaged panels. We are ready to give it a lot of love and make it super functional to go camping with our three little kids 🙂 If anyone else owning a Pyramid is interested in discussing or showing pictures, you may find me on facebook: Genevieve Bordeleau

  11. thanks for the comment, i don’t recall where it is to be honest. sold ours a few years back now. If you want to send a pic, i’ll post it on this blog!

  12. Hi everyone!
    I have a 1979 shamrock one a dodge sportsman chassis. It’s a c class RV
    I have a inspection report that stated the builder as pyramid homes in Windsor Ontario .
    I’ve been trying to find more info
    Or Picts of the units in their original state. It seems every unit I have found even with the same layout has different interior finishes. Mine has orange velvet but, I’ve seen others with shag carpet or wood paneling.
    Does anyone have any more info or sales memorabilia ?

  13. Hi, I just a bought a trailer this weekend. There are decals on the trailer (faded) but they say Pyramid mobile homes Ltd. The plack says model 17TTC SN 4500. It is also hard to find info on these trailers online. Would love to know the name of trailer. The papers say it is a 1968.woukd love to see someone else who has a 1968. The one o bough has some water damage that I need to repair

  14. Nice thanks for commenting. Yes I don’t know a lot about these, the one i had was a great little single axel and after having a boler and an airstream, I still liked the size and layout of the pyramid camper!

  15. Hi there, I got one of these trailers for free, I’m about to renovate it, have not found a single trailer like it, definitely not on the internet. Was made in Windsor Ontario. Its quite large, 25 feet. I think its 1969 or 70. We should create of Pyramid owners! Tearing it apart this summer due to water damage. Would love to share my finds.

  16. We also just picked up a 17 foot pyramid trailer about a month ago. Had lots of water damage. Started the rebuilding finished the trunk last week working on the roof now. Ours is a 1968. Would love be part of that group mentioned above

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