Noco Genius 3500 – Review after a month or so

I was likely a little harsh on the charger. It is overpriced. But here is my quick comment on why its not a total waste of money. It is ‘intelligent’. Thats the language they use. It replicates what my solar charge controllers do in the sense of charging them in up to 4 different states. If I can remember them, Bulk, Float, Equalize and… something else. Anyways, its nice that it does this because with this i know it will maintain my deep cycle batteries correctly and give them the correct amount of amperage when and as needed to keep them at optimal charge levels. This is the biggest thing. I suggest if you’re just charging lawn tractor batteries or car batteries, it doesn’t matter so much, just get it charged up.

0102796_1If you’re maintaining a motorcycle battery over winter or maintaining deep cycles, it does add or at least maintains the lifespan of the (expensive) battery and you know its getting the juice it needs when it needs it which ‘dumb’ chargers don’t necessarily do.

So if you have lots of different batteries and some more expensive ones like marine ones, this could be for you. Though there are cheaper ‘smart’ chargers on the market and those i’m sure would give you the same advantage.

For reference, here was my first writeup on it:


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