Kent Hovind is BAaaack… (shortly)

For those of you who remember the name Kent Hovind, it was a while back that you saw him. He’s been in jail for a few years for tax evasion. He was / is a great speaker though, strong creationist, intelligent and piles of knowledge on the subject. He does have some strict views but I can’t say i argue with many of them as they relate to the bible.

Kent is due back home in 2015 and as i hear will be required to stay in his home for 6 months on probation. After that, not sure, i’ll be interested to see if he starts back up with his seminars.

Why do i bring it up? Well  some of his videos started popping up again and I watched a few again. I can’t help but nod my head in agreement with pretty  much everything he says. Its so exciting / encouraging to be reminded about the accuracy and truth of the bible. Here is one of the ones i was watching:

be warned, they are pretty classic (read dated). excellent content though

[youtube X5nKd5jB8Ek]

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