Its meat bird season again!

This week i’m cleaning out the chicken shed, getting it ready for 120 meat birds this time around in partnership with the neighbour. We’ll be going with the coop birds again and we had great success with them last year and we learned a LOT last year as well so we hope to put all we learn to work to make this go round even easier – and it wasn’t bad at all last time as it was. Overall we are better equipped and have the last batch under our belts for experience.

fountainThis year we’ll be trying nipple waterers, they are cleaner and should be generally easier to maintain. the floater bowls we used last year constantly got tipped over, or clogged with hay. We had to glue them to concrete blocks to keep the chickens from knocking them over with their bumbling large bodies. We had to clear them almost daily as well so that they would keep flowing.

We hope to keep a lot more than we did last year, 12 in the freezer whole and a few cut up in freezer bags. Last year the demand was high, and we only ended up with 7 in our freezer, not enough for a full year for our family at all. This year, its all about stocking our own freezer first since this is what we’re putting all the effort in for!

This week i’ll be mucking out the remnants of the layers that had roosted in there all winter including the hay bale cave that we put up to keep them warm. It will be washed out thoroughly and dried hopefully ready for the next stage. Its quite a versatile shed really and i’m glad we were able to make it work for what we wanted. I’ll surely be posting images and videos of the birds when they arrive!

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