Eliminator Renewable Energy Battery Review

For my birthday present – yes, really early, I got a 100Ah Eliminator battery which I”m excited to have gotten.

This unit is a purpose built renewable energy battery / deep cycle. Its 100Ah @ 100 hours (as opposed to the 20 hour rating which other marine / deep cycles are rated at). Dedicated solar / renewable energy batteries are often rated at the 100 hour rate due to their large storage and long energy supply window.

Now this is a Canadian Tire branded battery (Motomaster Eliminator) but it is made by Exide, and with them its labeled ‘Sunlyte 12-5000x’. Product website accessible as of this post is here: http://www.exide.com/ca/en/product-solutions/network-power/product/sunlyte.aspx

The PDF is here for interests sake

Now this post will be less of a full review and more of an initial thoughts as it will take me some time to gauge its performance.  I will tell the story of purchase though. I got this at a 20% off sale at Canadian Tire. Its date stamped on it was 2009 (bought in 2014). So the battery has been sitting somewhere for 5 years.  I got it home and put it on the charger, but figured I’d check voltage just in case. The voltage was 12.03. That effectively means 100% discharged :/ I took it back to Can tire and asked about it but all the 3 others they had were at the same voltage… Ok… so my option was to give it a full charge at home and see how it worked. I should state that I charged it for 6 hours before taking it in the next day. After charging it was at 12.4, and in the morning after sitting all night, it was at 12.23 (not good, it should not discharge so fast).

So i decided to try the battery for a week and see if it starts holding a charge after a good first full charge on my Noco Genius smart charger (G3500). If I don’t like it, I’ll take it back for a refund and get something else… Doesn’t bode well for the battery though, bad start and if its been sitting discharged for who knows how long, it can’t be good for sulfation 🙁 We shall see… I got this on sale and the sale on batteries is ending this weekend so I may take it in sooner.

Note to the next person buying one of these, check the voltage. I have yet to call Exide to see if this is acceptable of if any harm was done to it, figured I should hear it from Exide directly to see if it affects performance or not but since its the weekend, I may return it before talking to them. The unit new is $350 so I don’t really want to take any chances that its a bad battery or starting its life with me already diminished in capacity of life expectancy.

This unit is HEAVY, and there is no handle. The connections are screw in bolts, handy I guess for my solar project requirements instead of standard post terminals.

Just like other cantire products, i didn’t see many reviews on this, can’t find many that is. I’ll post my progress as I look for a higher end solar storage battery. stay tuned!

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