MotoMaster Nautilus Deep Cycle battery review

This is my short review of the Nautilus deep cycle batteries from Canadian tire. The things I’m reviewing I find are things that I don’t see a lot of reviews for on youtube. Oddly, with the millions that make vids, a good number of things out there don’t have a review video!

So this is the Motomaster Nautilus deep cycle. Its a Canadian Tire branded deep cycle from Exide. Exide uses the name nautilus too, so just the motomaster is can tires part of the labelling.

Its apparently fully and truly a deep cycle – though most hardcore solar guys would beg to differ. For the hobby guy like myself, it so far has made for a great project solar battery.  Its a 115 Amp hour battery, 12 volts of course. Its the largest wet cell battery can tire sells basically. And the cheapest per Ah. Cost is $140 plus core fee of $15 (but I always have a core to bring in to swap for that fee). I’ve had mine for a year and no observed troubles, works like a champ even in -40 celsius weather. The battery stays 100% charged. Its charged back to 100% daily via my 90 watt solar panel. I use it for one LED 120volt light in my chicken shed so its lightly used – which ends up being the best way to prolong its life too.

It is vented so not the best for air tight / human living locations but price per Ah is by far the cheapest at can tire for a true deep cycle (as opposed to a starting battery or starting / deep cycle  battery). Again, purists would complain but this battery was created by exide for RV applications and fishing troller applications, i.e. long slow drain uses, not fast high amp uses like starting cars. So the lead plates *should* be larger in it, much more like a Surrett solar battery but much cheaper.

Enjoy. I would recommend this, no troubles yet, works for my solar projects and provides a good amount of Ah.


[youtube pd7JWx8nP5s]

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5 thoughts on “MotoMaster Nautilus Deep Cycle battery review

  1. Battery is poor internal flaw cell next to negative goes flat
    Bought 12 for a battery bank 9 have failed the same way in 2 years

  2. Thanks for the comment, I haven’t experienced that yet but will certainly update if I do. Mine is still pretty new…

  3. Hi, mine is 1 year and 3 months old. So it’s been through a winter with no insulation, just keeping it charged up every day. I have very light usage which should bode well for its longevity but I won’t be able to really tell until it’s 3 or 4 years old. So far no troubles. Good luck 🙂

  4. I have always used these batteries for over 20 years but I will say the quality and performance have not been very good in the last 2 years. The batteries do not hold up any more and it has left me stranded on the water 2 years in a row. I have sent requests to the company asking for help and advise with no luck. These batteries are very expensive and I cant afford this anymore nor do I want the stress of maybe being stranded on the water again.
    Your reputation was amazing but a lot of my friends are not willing to put themselves in our situation. I hope the company comes good for this or I will tell everyone what this company has done to me. Quality is important not the money.

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