Prophecy Update for April

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So many hugely prophetically significant goings on lately, where to start…

  • Israel – good place to start, just today wednesday or thursday they halted the peace talks due to the Palestinian Authority making deals with Hamas and Fatah (organizations that overtly call for the destruction of Israel). Notice I say overtly, the PA has its own beliefs too which don’t differ much as evidenced by the willingness to cooperate with such militant organizations. The peace process failing is biblical. Basically it won’t be agreed to, it will be enforced the bible says by a strong leader. The PA and Israel won’t reach an agreement in the ‘handshake’ sort of fashion. Frameworks and borders will be drawn and they never will agree to it, only when its ENFORCED by a strong leader will it ‘work’ And by work I mean this will kick off the 7 year peace treaty which of course is to be broken 3.5 years in when the Antichrist shows his true colours. This is Daniel 9:27.
  • Russia – Russia coming to prominence and power in our time is huge! I figured Putin would switch things back to the way the old soviet union was. He took Crimea without more than a whimper from the rest of the world. He is SO close to taking all of Ukraine. Why does Russia care about Ukraine?
    • Putin wants the ‘old’ Russia back a bit, he wants to bring it back into its glory days when it rule that part of the world and a large part of it mostly, i.e. the soviet union states
    • Its the conduit through which gas is pumped into the Europian union and Ukraine is not pro-russian which could be trouble for Russias gas sales. No matter, Russia will solve that by taking it over
    • This also tests the West and NATO. will the west or NATO care if Russia invades countries? They didn’t do much about Crimea, great, how about trying a bit of a larger target, will the West and NATO blink now? I’m guessing not, the West is scared of a fight, Obama and the US just wants to talk and be diplomatic (note that Russias Putin and the Islamic world in general see talking and diplomacy as weakness. They see force as strength and respect that more, diplomacy is just a way for states there to drag their feet and otherwise get their own projects done, i.e. Iran and its nuclear progress which, yes, is still going and no sanctions do nothing to stop it)
  • The world economy – have you heard about all the apparent ‘banker suicides’? 29 we’re up to now, high ranking bankers from JP Morgan and others, and the latest was a chinese banker have killed themselves or fallen off buildings mysteriously. Why so many? they have lots of money. 29 deaths since the start of 2014, and no this is not the usual number of banker death each year… A high flying banker death is a rare event generally. What do they know? Have you been watching the stock market, gold prices etc? All signs point to no economic recovery, and in fact a changing of the world default currency, i.e. the US dollar.  Could the US default on its debts? yes for sure. Russia has been threatening to sell US dollars and pull out of the world currency which they are already doing. Russia and China are allies. Add it up, if china follows suit, China owns a massive portion of US debt, 3 trillion out of 15 or something, maybe its more than that. If China pulls the plug, calls in its bonds, the US is dead in the water. Search youtube for well known financial folks on the subject. The local nightly news doesn’t really report on this stuff but it should. Some people are calling this year the year of the crash, next year is the shmita year (hebrew year of release). the last collapse happened in 2008, a shmita year, and 7 years prior to that was 2001 where the markets collapsed.  Look for the fall of 2015 to be big.
  • Blood Moons – The blood moon tetrad started, April 15th it happened. This in terms of track record has meant war for Israel. Note that the peace process is all but finished its 9 months now. Israel has just started a voluntary draft of ‘Christian’ arabs into its army – why a draft all the sudden.. Its closed all its embassies over a reported wage dispute – like worldwide.. The last few days have seen some fighter strikes into Gaza as tensions rise there, and a syrian bout is gaining  momentum as well. Looks like they are gearing up for a syrian fight, and if thats the case, Iran is likely the immediate next. Iran would decent Syria in a war with Israel and Iran is going full bore making nukes under the watchful eye of the international community as they all sit around tables and talk about disarming. Israel is closer and closer to the point of no return and since its life or death for Israel, the likelihood is that they will strike and win which could draw Russia down, or the massive oil and natural gas that Israel has ‘found’ off their shores.

We are at a critical juncture, no turning back now, the stage is set, actors are not only moving around behind the scenes, they are now on stage and getting ready. The bear is ready to go, Persia is ready to go, most states around Israel are in position biblically (politically, militarily, leadership). Jesus is coming soon, we’re in overtime in the year 2014, sudden death overtime. Find Jesus!

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