Hog Panel setup and dry run

The snow melted today (wednesday as of the actual creation of this blog / video) and so I took the opportunity to stand up all the hog panels to get an idea for size, how it will look with the feeder in it and the water tub. I didn’t mention in the vid that we will have two pigs in there. Its large enough – by the book / rule of thumb – to have two pigs.

I will of course hopefully move it fairly regularly. Every couple of weeks from spot to spot so the grass rebounds. I have it put together with carabiners (had to look that word up 😛 ) on all four corners. the panels are very thick gauge so they stand up well. I may put 2×2 posts in the middle of the panels just so they down bow out. They are purpose built for this though so we shall see. Its all a learning experience. As the pigs get larger, I may indeed create a much larger pen for them to roam. Haven’t decided yet, if I can find lots of free pallets I may do it that way. Fencing needs to be strong for them. Shelter will simply be a corner of the square with 4×8 plywood on two corners and a piece on top and straw or hay or something as bedding. They mostly just need a good wind / rain break.

What do you guys think??  I’m sure I’ll have much ‘wisdom’ to share once we have done this once!

[youtube jCpHPQYSFRI]

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